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Check out this lovely first post in a series from RH Reality Check about birth mothers’ experiences, told first-hand. This one is by Jennifer Padre, and tells the story of her very successful open adoption.

Also, there’s a fascinating article in today’s New York Times: In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap. I read it over toast this morning — it’s a thought-provoking reminder that access to education is not the only barrier to career success for people of color.

Monday Links

July 20, 2009 § 2 Comments

Renee on deconstructing our own sexual attractions.

RMJ is scared of pregnancy (and for the next decade or so, I am too).

Lots of excellent commentary on the hateful Vancouver Women’s Health Collective. As I wrote in a comment at Shakesville (minus the link): “The clinic’s exclusionary logic is so opposite what feminism is to me; it reduces women to our body parts and discards our identity & agency.”

Monday Links

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Mimi on the colonialist history of the “harem pant.”

Cara on the social forces of bigotry that drive kids as young as thirteen to commit hate crimes.

Hey, Obama! We need more than tokens of your “pride”!

The French government is in talks about banning the burqa from public wear? Are you fucking serious? (via)

Renee on talking to her sons about deconstructing gender roles, using Xena as a framework. (For the record, that show was the backdrop of my formative years. The cheese factor is high, and I’m annoyed that the characters — who live and fight in the supposed wild — are always perfectly made up and manicured and shaved, but it’s still a damn good show.)

Examining Female Roles in Western versus Japanese Animations

June 9, 2009 § 2 Comments

I apologize rather prematurely for this post, it’s term papers and finals week, so not only is the blog title far from witty, it sounds like the beginning to a bad JStor article written by an undergrad.

However, someone just showed me this open letter by Linda Holmes on the NPR blog. It reminded me of when I was going through my late night (read: early morning) animation fix of Miyazaki, and was astounded during a few of them that my love for the filmmaking wasn’t constantly pitted against the female protagonists need to support jagged-edged gender binaries.


So while I don’t have time to expand on this, here’s another examination of Western animation from Christine Hoff Kraemer over at Inhuman Decency, that seems to converse quite well with Linda’s piece.

Oh, and P.S. Linda: Susan Sontag would love to argue this one out, but half the fun of children’s films and books are the highly politicized (though often implicit) morals and theologies they bring about. Sometimes they SCREAM for a better world, though the characters may only whisper. Tonight my seventh-grade brother summarized a book for me that he just finished reading and was incredibly excited about. Though the plot line was simple, it featured a girl fighting for women’s rights in a fettered, Patriarchal society. If we take each part of a film to have an intended purpose, a princess can and will never be just a princess.

(Brief) Monday Links

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I’m not Miley Cyrus’ biggest fan, but this post about her support of same-sex marriage – even after receiving criticism from right-wing bigots – made me smile.

Congrats to Carmen on her SUPERCUTE new behbeh!

Even more evidence that high school students are awesome: members of the Women’s Health and Issues Club at a school in California convinced the administration to bar twenty songs with misogynistic lyrics from being played this weekend at prom. “[They] hope that the effort they launched this year translates into a ‘misogyny free’ dance next school year. ‘I think we definitely made some progress,’ said Madeline Conrique. ‘We are not trying to silence anyone. We just want people to listen to the lyrics.'”

Monday Links

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Melissa on a “mystery donor [who] keeps giving to woman-run colleges.” Over $60 million has been donated in the past two weeks – that’s some mystery I can get behind.

Allen Andrade has been convicted for the first-degree bias-motivated (hate crime) murder of Angie Zapata.

My crush Jay Smooth on Miss California’s homophobia at the Miss USA pageant (which, I must admit, I watched; it’s just so damn entertaining). Related: literally the stupidest answer to a legitimate question that I have ever heard.

Kate on United Airlines’ fat-shaming new policy: passengers who do not fit into one seat will most likely be required to pay an entire extra airfare in order to be accomodated.

Seventeen-year-olds can now officially buy Plan B emergency contraception over the counter. LET THE SLUTFEST BEGIN!! Related: The Onion announces a new drug on the market – Plan C.

And quick props to the band Outernational, who not only play excellent tunes and are very good people but also dedicated their song “We Own the Night” to “all the sisters in the house” at their show this weekend.

Monday Links

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What we’ve been reading this week:

In response to the recent heated (and extremely necessary) dialogue about making feminism safe and authentic for all women, not just cis women, Josh T. asks, why can’t we be friends?

Read about the horrifying story of Angie Zapata, a Colorado teenager who was murdered for being trans. Hers is the first case of the murder of a transgender person that will be tried as a hate crime.

Mia Farrow will go on a hunger strike “in solidarity with the people of Darfur and as a personal expression of outrage at a world that is somehow able to stand by and watch innocent men, women and children needlessly die of starvation, thirst and disease.”

There have been lots of excellent posts about Susan Boyle this week, and I like Fillyjonk’s best.

And my friend Andrew’s short descriptive essay is featured on Teen Ink.

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