Michael Phelps

February 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

is a hottie who smokes pot. I found this out yesterday (the pot, not the hotness) after noticing that his picture graced the front of every newspaper I saw subway riders reading, and susbequently searching his name on Google. Our all-American poster boy smoked some weed at a college party!!! HOW WILL WE, AS A NATION, RECOVER?

To be honest I really don’t care what Phelps does to his own body (that’s what I call being pro-choice). What I do care about is the incredible attention he is being paid for it. William Bill over at Shakesville has it absolutely right (go read the whole post, for real): when sports stars the world over face charges for assaulting women, it’s rarely talked about. But when Michael Phelps smokes pot, every major news source has an article and commentary on the “incident.”


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