Hilarious (Terrifying)

February 15, 2009 § 1 Comment

Zoe, Silvia and I had a lovely dinner party with our mothers and somehow this video came up in our conversation:

I wish I could truthfully say, “Golly, things sure have changed!” since this video is riddled with sexism, misinformation and overall corniness. However, I’ve definitely experienced my fair share of horribly dramatized and insulting health videos which make me wonder how far our health education system has actually progressed… but that’s a topic for a whole other post. For now, just have a good laugh at Molly and her period do’s and don’ts.


§ One Response to Hilarious (Terrifying)

  • gingerlady says:

    One of my favorite moments: When the Nurse is subbing and teaching the girls about periods, she says that if the egg is not fertilized after a certain amount of time, it exits through a hole in the hymen. Because if your eggs are not fertilized you OBVIOUSLY haven’t had sex, and ergo your hymen will be intact.

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