Bristol Palin on Abstinence-Only Education

February 25, 2009 § 4 Comments

Hey folks! This is our very first guest post, contributed by Joel, who we hope will return soon. Joel is an anthropology major in his senior year at Oberlin. He’s also the creator of Citizen Obie, and Ruth’s brother. Show him some love.    -Miranda

At the risk of making more of this particular individual’s experience than one ought to, I thought it was interesting to see both Bristol Palin’s perspective on abstinence…

…and the rest of Fox’s bending over backwards to emphasize that what she really meant is that abstinence is in fact possible…

Thanks for the elucidation, Fox.

Also kudos to Fred Barnes of Fox and friends for finding the most trivializing, horrific characterization of abortion (“convenient”) possible.  Thank God, whom I happen to think may well be out there, that Fred Barnes doesn’t have to deal with the “inconvenience” of considering whether or not he has enough money and effort in him to support and do right by another child, because he is a uterus-less insensitive idiot.  Oh well, at the very least we have a progressive, black president with a mandate.


§ 4 Responses to Bristol Palin on Abstinence-Only Education

  • Abstinence would kill me. I’d be forced to commit suicide. Sexual liberation is a magnificent thing!
    Knowing that debauchery and my salaciously promiscuous mind annoys Republicans, makes it far more enjoyable.

  • gingerlady says:

    “people do slip, particularly teenagers.” BOO.
    that is such an easy way out. but you know what? maybe teenagers DO make more careless decisions when it comes to sexual health. and you know how we can fix that? by kicking this abstinence thing out the door and replacing it with real information and real solutions. i am also rather bothered by their scoffing (right after bristol’s clip ends). i’m by no means a fan of her family or choices, but COME ON. don’t openly laugh at someone dealing with a shitty situation. this shit is no laughing matter.

  • mirandanyc says:

    “Abstinence is unrealistic…” …because sex feels good.

    Can someone just say this? Seriously? I feel like pleasure is the elephant in the room whenever people debate abstinence and teenage “promiscuity.” Maybe that’s why all the teens are doing it – not because they’re morally worthless hussies, but because, you know, they like it.

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