Miss March

March 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

On March 13th the movie Miss March will open in theatres everywhere. It is about a high school sweethearts, the guy falls into a coma for four years and wakes up to find out that his girlfriend has become the center fold girl for a magazine, and is named Miss March. This story will be amusing and fun for some, but for me it is maddening.

If you weren’t aware, March is significant for another reason. March marks women’s history month, something I find slightly more important. This ‘sex comedy’ I am certain does nothing to promote the leaders of the women’s movement. Commercials for Miss March outweigh the media attention given to women’s history, that is if the crucial month is getting any attention at all.

When I turned my calendar to the month of March I started to think about what has been accomplished so far for women. I think a lot has been achieved thus far, but this movie sends a strong anti-feminist message that makes me think we have achieved nothing. Maybe it is simply a coincidence that this movie is about the month March, but I still believe that this irony should not be ignored. To be clear, I have not yet seen this movie, but I don’t think I will, I don’t think I’ll make it to Miss April, or Miss May either. I would post a trailer to Miss March, but I do not want to publicize this movie at all, I want to promote women and their history.


§ One Response to Miss March

  • Lysergic Asset says:

    If I didn’t already think the misogynist studio execs were brain-dead, I might think that they chose this title deliberately, to usurp women’s history month… but there’s just no way they are that aware.

    This is an excellent connection to make, though, and I hope the message gets out to a wider audience.

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