There is no Witty Title that can Accurately Express how Angry I am

March 10, 2009 § 5 Comments

(Trigger Warning)

Holy shit. And we thought we’d seen the worst in anti-choice activity last week.

In case you haven’t heard, a nine-year-old rape victim in Brazil and her family were excommunicated by Archbishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho for choosing to get an abortion. The girl’s rapist? Her step dad. The doctors that performed the abortion were excommunicated as well.

Abortion is illegal in Brazil, unless it is a case of rape or the mother’s life is endangered. This nine-year-old’s situation meets both of these qualifications, as being forced to bring a pregnancy to term before even reaching puberty could cause severe health complications.

I can’t even write eloquently about this. Every time I attempt to, angry, incoherent slurs come out. The Time article speaks for itself:

“God’s laws,” said the archbishop, dictate that abortion is a sin and that transgressors are no longer welcome in the Roman Catholic Church. “They took the life of an innocent,” Sobrinho told TIME in a telephone interview. “Abortion is much more serious than killing an adult. An adult may or may not be an innocent, but an unborn child is most definitely innocent. Taking that life cannot be ignored.”

What the fuck, Archbishop? How fucking dare you? This girl has gone through enough heartbreak, enough trauma, enough pain. Your excommunication is just the icing on the shitcake. Not only is she suffering, but her entire family is as well. You would apparently prefer that a prepubescent girl give birth to the twins of her rapist. And you proudly speak about the “life of an innocent.” Is she not innocent? Because a fetus has begun to develop, suddenly the well-being of the person who’s actually living (who’s actually a person!) is completely null? This goes beyond plain old victim blaming. The victim doesn’t even play a part in your thought process. The victim doesn’t matter. You also compare abortion to the Holocaust. I’m sorry, but the ruthless killing, torturing, and imprisonment of an entire racial group of people for years is not comparable to abortion in the slightest.

The article goes on to explain that despite the fact that abortion is illegal, approximately one million women get abortions secretly (with varying safety depending on what they can afford) in Brazil. And about 200,000 are admitted to hospitals with abortion procedure complications.

The (slight) silver lining is that this event has created a lot of public uproar opposition to the Catholic Church and its bullshit regarding a woman’s right to choose, even among conservatives. In fact, the article states that, “only 74% of Brazilians today admit allegiance to Rome, with large numbers, especially the urban poor, having defected to Protestant Evangelical sects.”

Again, I really am at a loss for words.


§ 5 Responses to There is no Witty Title that can Accurately Express how Angry I am

  • mirandanyc says:

    This is horrifying. Great post.

  • Erik says:

    They seem to be completely unaware of anything. The Church in Brazil is blind to anything but the laws they’re told to follow. No circumstance could have prevented this reaction. Also…de-valuing adult life? That is sick and wrong. Everybody “sins” at some point. That doesn’t make them less of a person, even by their book.

  • EG says:

    oh, and the stepfather is not being excommunicated. Because the Church seems to sympatize with the rapist more than the victim.

  • Phoebe says:

    EG – How fucked up. I didn’t even know that part of the story. I suppose it’s not entirely unexpected.

  • Coco says:

    Holy Hell. The girl is NINE. Besides the emotional anguish she’s likely already going to suffer as a result of the rape and pregnancy, and oh yeah, being villified by the Church, it is highly probable that continuing the pregnancy and giving birth could have KILLED her, an already existing CHILD.

    Really, though, I can’t say I’m shocked at their stance. The church is run by a bunch of decrepit old men, living in palaces funded by their believers, who routinely protect pedophiles in their own ranks.

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