The White House Council on Women and Girls

March 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

Dear President Obama,

Thank you. Thank you for creating the White House Council on Women and Girls. Thank you for breaking this country’s pattern of ignoring discrepancies in the advancement of women. Thank you for recognizing this nation’s potential to be a source of pride for American women and a safe haven for women suffering worldwide.

Thank you for describing what a women’s issue is, for informing America that women’s issues do not only effect women, but that also effect men, boys, girls, and everyone in between. Thank you for committing to make your own cracks in multiple looming glass ceilings. Thank you for understanding a cause worth fighting for.

Thank you for identifying family leave, equal pay, healthcare, childcare, and domestic violence as women’s issues that effect everyone, but, as no clear outline is in place yet, here are a few more issues I would like addressed:

  • Funding for women’s/gender studies programs throughout education.
  • Mandated violence against women prevention measures for both genders.
  • Securing a woman’s choice for her own reproductive health and privacy.
  • Increased funding toward girls leadership and mentoring organizations.
  • Awareness programs for gender inequity abroad (sexual warfare in the Congo, objectification in the Middle East, FGM).
  • Government-funded programs dedicated to helping Americans volunteer at domestic violence shelters and AIDS orphanages cross-nationally.
  • Increased policing of our own military so that women soldiers will not be raped, assaulted, and not listened to.
  • Increased investigation and prosecution for child prostitution offenders.
  • Research grants for the implementation of equal rights policies that exist in other nations, such as Sweden and France.

I am in awe of the revolutionary priorities you made public on International Women’s Day. I sincerely wish that this commitment toward gender equality will extend through your administration to a commitment toward equality on the basis of sexuality, race, class, ethnicity, religion, and beyond. I now have faith in the potential of this country to fight for equality.

With newfound hope,

A Feminist


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