Good News for Members of the Hassidic Community (and everyone else)

April 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

Last night on the news, I saw an exciting piece about a new branch of the NYPD that will cater specifically to the needs and concerns of NYC Hassidic Jews who have experienced some form of sexual abuse. Breaking the silence can be particularly hard in the Hassidic community, especially when a victim is trying to implicate a religious leader. Hopefully this new department will be able to effectively navigate the complexities of our Hassidic community so that more men and women can break free of their abusers without the fear of losing their religion or tight-knit community. 

The man who pushed for this program, whose name I didn’t have time to take down, is a former Hassidic who was abused by his rabbi at age eight. Unfortunately, by the time he came forward, his abuser was legally protected by virtue of the amount of time that had lapsed between the event and the accusation. Whack. The abusive rabbi still teaches children in Brooklyn!  

But other than that disheartening legality, the story seems like good news for everyone who loves children, anti-violence, and cultural tolerance. Woopee!


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