Rhyming Revenge

May 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

For my second piece in this new weekend series, I am rhyming revenge for all the mothers of feminism/feminist mothers out there who too often go unappreciated. In honor of Mother’s Day, I hope you enjoy my second totally stream-of-consciousness positioning of words:

You may say she does not deserve a say

even when she works without reputed pay

though without our mothers

we would see it as a bother

to care about the world

or watch human kindness unfurl

in an overwhelming whirl

of adolescent screeches

and guilt-giving speeches.

I know this is the case

for I have given this example a face,

but I am writing revenge on myself now

to reveal the communal ways how

we can protect the reputation

of a vociferous generation

and encourage open communication,

leading to progressive appreciation

Together we can trace

the sexism we want erased

and move past ageism

to fight a thousand other -isms.

We must pay up

and let our mothers drink from the prideful cup

of equality and choice;

they birthed us a voice.


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