All together now: Rape jokes aren’t funny.

May 13, 2009 § 2 Comments

I just read this community post over on feministing that really struck a cord with me. The author touches on the fact that rape has become a synonym for something hard in your life (e.g. “That test totally raped me.”) She says:

A major problem with telling rape jokes is the same as telling any other offensive jokes, you don’t know your audience.  You can’t tell who has been raped just by looking. We don’t wear special signs or inform every acquaintance who crosses our path. Plus, there are plenty of allies who don’t find rape funny either. Rape is not a synonym for anything difficult in your life. I don’t feel the same when I fail a test or hit my funny bone, I don’t spend years recovering and healing from a tough exam. If you want to be hyperbolic about it, why not at least be original and find a way to express yourself that doesn’t bring down others?

I don’t know how often it has to be said before it finally sticks, but rape jokes are absolutely not funny.

Go read her full post!


§ 2 Responses to All together now: Rape jokes aren’t funny.

  • dirtyearthgirl says:

    I recently read a rape joke on facebook on my friends wall. (the one about is it shoplifting or rape if your force a prostitute to have sex with you against her will) It saddened me to see 2 women immediately praised him for his joke. I myself told him how NOT funny it was and then was attacked by numerous people (including women) for not having a sense of humor. That attacks came mostly AFTER I reminded him that sexual assault is incredibly high in this country and chances are that he knows a few victims that probably did not think his joke was funny either. The attacks kept coming so I just shut up and deleted him as a facebook friend. Sad, because this was a good friend that I have known for quite some time. To tell anybody who finds a rape joke offensive, ‘fuck em if they cant take a joke’ ? No thanks. But dang, it get’s lonely always having to be the one to speak out.

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