Facebook Racism

June 3, 2009 § 4 Comments

This just popped up on my Facebook news feed:

Your friend —– took the What kind of ethnicity should you be dating? quiz and the result is Asian. Chicken Chow Yummy, you just can’t resist those cute little eyes and adorable personalities, can you? =)

Yikes. Chicken chow yummy, for real? Serious racial insensitivity, playing on the stereotype that all Asians have small eyes and are shy and submissive. But there’s also the larger problem of perpetuating the idea that taking a five-question multiple choice online quiz will tell you anything of substance about your sexual, romantic, and interpersonal attractions — and that all people of a certain race are essentially the same.

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked, unfortunately. Facebook has a lot of jackass gaffes — the “breastfeeding is obscene” trash comes to mind, as well as obnoxious ads.


§ 4 Responses to Facebook Racism

  • gingerlady says:

    equally lovely are the quizzes that read ‘how white are you?’ and ‘what is your true ethnicity?’. again- can a handful of multiple choice questions, generated by some buffoon who writes facebook quizzes in their free time (!), really get to the core of identity, collective narratives, or the disparity between how we look and how we feel? mmmmm. no.

  • Gene says:

    When does it ever say Asians are shy and submissive? Methinks a Freudian slip has come up.

  • gingerlady says:

    i believe that the poster translated ‘adorable personalities’ (from the quiz’s text) into shy and submissive, which is also how i read the term.

  • Kayas says:

    This is standard Facebook procedure nowadays. Take this exaple i came across only last week: http://bit.ly/4pgusY

    Even when Facebook are advised that intervention and removal is advised – they do very little.

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