The Onion FAIL!

September 7, 2009 § 5 Comments

Via Shakesville, check out this heinous shirt from The Onion’s online store:
As SKM pointed out in her post, the text on the website reads “My Friend Went to Thailand and All I Got Was This Lousy Prostitute” — horrifying enough without looking at the text on the actual shirt, which reads “My Friend Went to Thailand and All I Got Was This Lousy Kidnapped Prostitute.”

My love affair with The Onion has been put on hold indefinitely.

Contact them here or here.


§ 5 Responses to The Onion FAIL!

  • ruthelizabeth says:

    ew ew ew why would anyone want to broadcast the fact that they are insane enough to wear that t shirt. BAD CALL.

  • WOW WOW WOW, I am really disappointed in them. I really liked a lot of their other stuff but that’s just despicable.

  • ginger lady says:


  • Goodfriend says:

    when i was in Thailand this past summer i actually met guys who said that they were sex tourists. How to respond to someone actually saying that?! to be honest i instinctually made a revolted look, cause thats really what it is, and turned on my heel in search of my mom, and then cried back in the hotel room….

    Cause of weird travel times we ended up being in Koa San Road, Bangkok at every hour of the day, and the explicit prostitution (is that the pc term?) was incredibly depressing! Not only was there such a market for the girls with all the sex tourists, the girls really do seem to believe that its the best career path for them…

  • Dava says:

    This is fascinating because it makes me think a little bit about a video I saw online about the use of the horrifying, homophobic phrase “no homo.”

    In the video, the vlogger explains the question of whether it’s OK to say something offensive satirically, in an effort to make fun of or chastise those who would use it literally, or if even that use is offensive and unacceptable. I suspect the Onion was trying to be shocking, to a degree, and that whoever created the t-shirt intended to shine some light on sex tourism through humor that makes people uncomfortable. BUT, I think they missed the mark.

    Check out the video about “no homo” to see what I mean. He makes a really worthwhile point about how generally, when you try to use a phrase or topic ironically in the spirit of critique, you just shouldn’t be using it at all:

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