Behind the Scenes Facebook Messages

January 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

We recently received some of our most disgusting comments ever, courtesy of a fella who calls himself “Warlord.” Cute.

[Trigger warning for misogyny, racism, and rape.]


Miranda: want to see some HORRENDOUS comments from women’s glib? they’re pretty gross, avert your eyes if you wish…

on “8 myths about rape“: If violence and control turns someone on sexually, then it is about sex. If he’s got a hard-on, then something is happening to him sexually. He wants to fuck. How can that not be about sex.

on “feminist and latina? no way“: You wonder why all white guys want a blowjob from a Latina, then you get one, and you know why.

…same guy. charmer.

[Very dear friend of the blog] Matt: yeah, type of guy you wanna just take out for coffee, and some jail


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