Hilarious Hate Mailbag

March 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

As our readership grows, so too does the number of anti-feminist comments on our site. Why keep these gems to ourselves? I love reading ridiculous comments on other blogs (see Feministing and Feministe), so I decided to have Women’s Glib follow suit.

[Trigger warning.]

So, here are two comments — from the same guy, within ten minutes of each other. (Isn’t it hilarious how these trolls spew, “OHGADDAMMMN I HATE YOUR STUPID BLOG AND EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU,” then stick around to peruse your blog for another hour?)

you are wasting so much of your time. im mean seriously. im all for shit being fair for people but ou dont need to go around finding the negative in fucking everything. lighten the fuck up. i like how you fuckin loved the ad with the fat chick on it because she was fat but why cant you love an ad with a fit chick because shes fit? sounds a little exclusionary with a tint of resentment.

Ooh. Exclusionary? Resentment? Those are some big words.

What you need to do is pull your panties out of your pussy and shove a dick in it because clearly no one has for a LONG time.



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