Dear FactCheckMe,

August 7, 2010 § 13 Comments


In regards to your transphobic, sexist, anti-feminist blog,

Your feminism is a feminism that isn’t at all… feminist. Whether or not you are born male or female, whether or not you identify with your socially cissed-gender, having women parts does not at all make you a woman. Women are more than parts, having parts doesn’t make you a woman, it’s something much deeper than only an individual can express.

Class Politics According to Trans Activists: The Fallacy of Cis-Privilege. if i had a candy bar, and you wanted it, i would not have “candy-bar privilege”. if i had a nice dog and you wanted a nice dog like mine, i would not have “dog privilege.” you cant just say that any old goddamn thing i have that you want is a privilege. privilege means that there is *power* there, and girls and women dont possess any kind of gender-based power. exactly the opposite.

Cis-privilege is a privilege is different from your perspective, there is no dog, there is just a difference between the man and woman. The fact that the woman has a dog and the man doesn’t shows sexist beliefs. Feminism isn’t at all about a gender being greater than another gender, it’s about equality, diversity, social unity despite our physical differences. This picture doesn’t represent any clear depiction of cis-privilege, as it is an attack on the trans community! In a more realistic representation if the women had a dog, but the man wasn’t allowed to have one, that would be cis-privilege.

while the T’s in GLBT have all the political power and protection that comes from co-opting the GLB movement. crazy + powerful = “eccentric,” doncha know! and “eccentric” is f-u-n, which is about all it takes to be wrapped in the teeny-tiny bosom of the twenty-something fun-fems. without regard, apparently, for the fact that they are spending precious feminist resources on men, and mens problems.

Feminism respects gender identity, which you have just denounced by not calling them the appropriate gender. There is not any “waste on resources” for men’s problems, we embrace that men and women both suffer under our masculine patriarchal society, and thus needs resources to embrace.

(born-women are privileged over men because we arent seen as sexual predators, and men are? boo-******* hoo) about the fact that there are others out there who share the inexplicable desire to amputate healthy body parts, in order for their bodies to conform to “the way they’ve always seen themselves” but *those* people are seen as mentally ill.

You have a keen disrespect to the trans community. A feminist movement is being destroyed by your prejudices against fellow human beings.

I am hopeful that your prejudice, radical “feminism,” and transphobic beliefs are merely a stunt to gain attention from bigots like yourself. So many people, cis-gender and transgender alike, are in disapproval to a mockery of feminism that has replaced the goals of feminism with regressive sexist views.


§ 13 Responses to Dear FactCheckMe,

  • mirandanyc says:

    “Women are more than parts.”

    I LOVE THIS. This is what particularly infuriates me about transphobic (especially anti-trans woman bias) rhetoric: it reduces women to our body parts. It objectifies us, turns us into a mere combination of breasts and vaginas. Being a woman is about so much more!

  • Elena says:

    Trans issues are actually “men’s issues”? Holy gender binary, Batman! Because by saying that trans women aren’t “real women” is so totally feminist.

    Just thinking about the number of times I have to check a “M” or “F” box on official paperwork puts trans issues in perspective for me. If I did not identify with the box I had to check on all of those forms, my life would be much more difficult.

    I wonder if the FactCheckMe people heard about the recent case in which a trans woman was turned away form one hospital, only to be mistreated and ridiculed at another hospital, just because she was trans.

    Also, I love how the author assumes that all sex-positive people want everyone to be sex workers. I didn’t realize that was part of my job description. Crap.

  • alexthesane says:

    Other interesting misperceptions from the article you link to:

    “if i had to have regular intercourse with men, on advice from my sex-reassignment surgeon, literally on pain of death:” Except that we have these “new” things called vaginal dilators. They’re basically dildos your doctor gives you. Oh, the wonders of modern medicine.

    And where are we co-opting “LGB” movement “power”? given that LG(b and sometimes maybe t) organizations tend to be willing to drop us from legislation so that they look more presentable to, well, people like her.

    Read the comments, she doesn’t even recognize that cisgender privilege EXISTS. I think people like this are too far gone for activism, the best thing we can do is hope she ignores us really.

  • lasciel says:

    ““Women are more than parts.”

    I think too much of being judged because of their parts, and being forced to believe that parts make people who they are, makes them resentful of anyone that escapes such narrow views. Of course cis-privilege can’t exist to someone who doesn’t even admit that there is such a thing as cis. I don’t understand why they can’t just keep their hate to their selves.

  • Danny says:

    Hey there. Dropped in from a Feministe link and wanted to tell you two things.

    1. Hi.

    2. You are wasting your time if you’re trying to talk some sense into that person over there. She thinks that transgender women aren’t real women, she thinks all porn is rape, she thinks there no such thing as misandry, and (I say this from personal experience) she is willing to delete comments that get in the way of her childish rants.

    • April says:

      She has some good points about porn, in its current state, but she’s at her worst when saying that all PIV sex is always, without question, rape. Like, “let’s take Andrea Dworkin completely out of context and run with it! Yaaaaaaaay!”

  • April says:

    God, she is a tool.

    Check back on her blog within a week, and I’m sure you’ll find a snarky, ridiculous post ridiculing you and this post.

  • Eve's Daughter says:

    Hi, there. Got here from Feministe.

    “Feminism respects gender identity, which you have just denounced by not calling them the appropriate gender.”

    No, historically feminism was about saying that gender is a -social construct-. The gender “man” is in most (or all) contexts set up in a way that its concomitant social roles require the oppression of females, and feminism has NEVER respected THAT gender identity.

    I think it’s fair to say that feminism promotes the idea that people should not be pressed into gender, and that the idea of a gender binary is BS, but that’s not the same thing.

    Anyway, I’m not sure your point here is clear:

    “Cis-privilege is a privilege is different from your perspective, there is no dog, there is just a difference between the man and woman. The fact that the woman has a dog and the man doesn’t shows sexist beliefs. Feminism isn’t at all about a gender being greater than another gender, it’s about equality, diversity, social unity despite our physical differences”

    …because this sounds like you’re arguing that women don’t face sex/gender-based oppression.

    I think you should re-write your critique of her website without resorting to biological determinism. (A 101 on “biological determinism”:

    • mousers09 says:

      My point with the dog, is as what Sunset has stated, if the women can have the dog and the man cannot then there is a privilege, and relating to cis-privilege in this case the dog would represent the women have her gender-identity respected, or possibly more, but that’s how I personally viewed it.

      Also, in regards to feminism and gender identity. Feminism does believe that gender is a social construct, however, it does respect gender and sex, it just fails to make them unequal. The point of feminism isn’t to necessarily destroy gender, but to embrace that gender is a social construct, people will feel different genders than what is socially “normal”, and that just because someone is a different gender/sex does not mean that they should be treated any differently from another human.

  • Sunset says:

    Looking at the comic at the top:

    Suppose it’s not “I have a nice dog that you want” but “I have a nice dog, but you’re not allowed to ever have one because society deems you incapable of having a dog.” Would that be privilege? Heck yes. Anything that one person has and another person cannot get ever is a privilege.

  • Katie E says:

    Ugh. I love how in her FAQ, she’s essentially saying “I’m not transphobic, because I said so! Now shut up, silly transpeople.” *headdesk*

    The thing is, feminism SHOULD respect gender identity and acknowledge cis privilege, but historically, it really hasn’t. Dworking, anybody?

    Also, FCM, on the off chance you’re reading this, ableism is a word and the concept of “twenty-something fun fems” you’ve created is ageist and irrational.

  • marcythomas says:

    I love this article. Finally someone stood up to that hypocrite “Factcheckme”. I believe that God is frowning upon her actions and fellings against transsexual women. It just makes me sick to the stomach and boils my blood to know that there are people out there that’s that bigoted and disrespectful. But like karma, what goes around comes around. Beautiful article Chad. XOXOXOXO

    Me, a transsexual woman.

  • Jemma Howitzer says:

    Factcheckme is a “radical feminist” because she’s transphobic. She’s rebellious and fights for social change by being just as transphobic and bigoted as the patriarchy she disowned, and trying to keep minorities from gaining privileges. Talk about radical, huh?

    It reminds me of my great great great great grandpa, Cracker Von Patriarch, who also challenged the status quo by embracing it with loving tenderness.

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