Target and Tom Emmer

August 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

Being old news, I’m sure that most people have heard about how Target gave $150,000 to an anti-gay candidate. Aside from the fact that corporations shouldn’t be involved in politics like they already have through lobbying efforts that blinds our congress, the LGBT & Supporting community have boycotted Target for its donations.

A man stated this about the recoil from the LGBT community:

Interesting, huh. So now a company can’t donate money to a candidate they support without this [being pro-gay]. Of course right wingers have Fred Phelps and his whack jobs protesting funerals. But, two wrongs don’t make a right.

I’m sure many others have this opinion. The candidate is pro-business, but anti-gay, why wouldn’t Target want to invest in this?

Well here’s what you don’t know about Emmer’s casual anti-equality legislation, aside from him being anti-choice and for a constitutional amendment that bans gay marriage (but thinks the government should stay out of peoples’ lives, also hypocritical to him passing a smoking ban), he supports You Can Run But You Cannot Hide Intl., Inc.

This company is not only a Christian company that wants to get involved in schools, which Emmer also supports, but is very anti-gay, and has said some vicious things about the LGBT community e.g. calling homosexuality a mental illness, which has been disproved many times by the American Psychological Association.

So, I tell you, why shouldn’t Target promote a pro-business candidate that’s a homophobe? For the same reason that Target shouldn’t promote a pro-business candidate that wants to teach children that evolution is a sin, and that homosexuality is a mental illeness. For the same reason that Target shouldn’t promote a candidate that believes that women shouldn’t be given an equal foothold in the world. For the same reason that Target shouldn’t promote a pro-business candidate that thinks that one race is superior to another and slavery is okay.

This isn’t a push to put out any candidate that is against equality, it’s a push for the LGBT community to be respected as normal people. Tom Emmer doesn’t have a good reason to ban same-sex marriage and parenting, his objective is a religious agenda. Even being pro-business, we should step back and realise that one’s liberty should come before profits.


§ One Response to Target and Tom Emmer

  • Elena says:


    Why is it that being “pro-business” must also mean “anti LGBTQI rights/anti women’s rights/etc”?.

    I hope that some of the actions criticizing Target will show other businesses that supporting human rights is GOOD for their businesses, because doing so will attract more customers.

    I can understand why “pro-business” people oppose certain rules and regulations, that could limit their business, but how on earth is treating LGBTQI people fairly hurt their business? And hey, if same-sex marriage was legalized across the country, and if Target didn’t support such bigoted candidates, their wedding registeries would probably increase.

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