Today in Transphobia

September 19, 2010 § 7 Comments


Trigger Warning for transphobia.

According to Investigation Discovery, being trans is just as bad as being a bank robber, serial murderer, Russian spy, or polygamist.

Until the media stops treating transgendered individuals as freaks/weirdos/comic relief/or as not really being their identified gender, many will continue to assume that being trans is a crime, and that it’s perfectly acceptable to sensationalize members of the transgender community. And the transgender population will continue to face harassment, discrimination, and horrendous acts of violence.

Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? should really be called Why the (Bleep) does John Waters Have Anything To Do With This Cluster(Bleep)?

Kudos to Fuck Yeah FTMS for posting Investigation Discovery’s Facebook page, and contact information. If you’re as upset as I am, please contact them. The only way that networks like ID will change is if they hear from viewers who will not continue to watch their programming, and will not buy products from programming advertisers.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino gets paid $10K per episode of The Jersey Shore. Joelle ruby ryan blogged about the most recent episode at Transmeditation’s Blog.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, known for an obsession with his own abdominal muscles and hooking up with women in order to openly degrade them and call them ugly “grenades,” is flirting with a blonde woman at the club.  We don’t actually see her face because it is pixelated out, evidently meaning she would not sign a release agreement to allow her face to be shown.  She is wearing a choker. Cast member Pauly D states: This person “got all the clues that leads me to believe she’s a man– something to hide the Adam’s apple, something on her hands The Situation got himself in a situation with a tranny.”   Other cast mates than all go on to say: “There is a saying in Miami: if you have to think about it, or hesitate to think: it is.  It’s usually a dude… it’s a tranny: stay away!”  The hate-language of “tranny” and calling gender-variant people “it” are used multiple times.

Mike Sorrentino is making a lot of money to behave like a complete asshole on a reality TV show. Some executive, somewhere at MTV seems to think this is a great idea.

MTV doesn’t seem to have a “Contact” page on their website, but you can leave comments on their Facebook and Twitter.

And, as Fuck Yeah FTMS points out, LOGO is owned by MTV.


§ 7 Responses to Today in Transphobia

  • magdelyn says:

    This is a silly blog post. A woman marries a man, only to find out he is now a she? What is so totally offensive about that? Lighten up. Grow up. Stop cultivating your indignities.


  • SG says:

    The ultra PC transgendered like this blog’s author constantly spam their ultra PC rhetoric about how cisgendered people are intolerant and bigoted toward Trans people then they are hypocritical and are bigoted bullies and spew hatred toward cisgender people who they supposedly want acceptance from.

    Acceptance is earned and not by throwing a tantrum and spamming websites with your ultra PC views and flipping out over the “evil” cisgender people is total BS.

    Then there is the fact that Trans people love to play the victim card and say that everyone that is Cisgendered has it so much easier than they do and that we have some privileages that they do not have and will never have.

    We’ve expanded the definition of the community to cover gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendereds, transsexuals, transvestites, asexuals, intersexed, queers, questioning, and allies and who knows who else…. the meaning of “community” in this case has been utterly and completely watered down to the point it’s become meaningless (yes, I’ve said it before and I stand by it).

    We don’t share the same core dynamics or issues. I don’t have anything in common with a guy who feels like a woman trapped in a man’s body or a woman who feels like a man trapped in a woman’s body. And as the T community likes to remind us, the two are not the same.

    But I guess that can only be pointed out by a T person, right? It’s ok for Chaz Bono to go on national television and talk about the differences between sexual orientation and gender identity to the straight folk, but it’s apparently a bad thing when the gay men and male bisexuals raise the very same point among ourselves. Well, the discussion is going to continue to happen, like it or not.

    Personally? My sexual orientation is only part of who I am as a person. It is not the defining factor. Maybe that makes me “post gay”, who knows? But I will not be forced into a false sense of camaraderie with every letter of the alphabet that’s been added on year after year on the false belief that we’re “not heteronormative” according to some queer theorist or angry commenter who has adapted a nome de guerre which signifies distrust, disgust and contempt for the majority of humanity.

    It may be exciting for you and for the “queer” academic creators of LGBT to declare themselves outlaws. They can play Bonnie and Clyde from their safe campus bubbles, ensconced in some liberal urban center and protected by 3 or 4 layers of anti-discrimination statutes and regs.

    LGBT was imposed on us all without any kind of debate. But finally, more and more people are speaking out against this, as the consequences of re-defining ourselves and our movement beccome ever more apparent. I think there will be more of a focus on this because this year we nearly achieved passage of a federal anti-discrimination law, and then saw the opportunity dissolve because our once-GLB but now-”LGBT” organizations insisted that the law cover everything from transvestitism to drag performers to transsexual bathroom selection.

    my expression of my sexuality as a GLB has anything to do with T. Not legally, not socially, not psychologically, not physically, not culturally. In a shallow way, perhaps, but on a deeper level, the idea that we all share some experience based on being “not heterosexual” is nothing more than defining ourselves with a negative which doesn’t work, IMO.

    Personally, I can say without a doubt that my sexual expression, gender identity and sexual expression is no different from my heterosexual friends. We have more in common as heteros, homos, and bis than we ever will with Ts.

    those supposed commonalities is where you would be wrong, because your basis is “we’ve all been discriminated against, therefore we share a common cause”. Your thinking is far too reductionist.

    Sticking with the GLBT issues, the T community has dramatically different legal, social, cultural and psychological issues beyond “we’re not heterosexual” to consider us in the same boat.

    Your marriage issues and my marriage issues are not the same thing. Your health needs and my health needs are not the same thing. Your coming out process and my coming out process are not the same things. Our definitions of gender are not the same thing. The only common thing you can point to is that some Ts are not heterosexual. That doesn’t make us a community.

    I’m not even going to touch the racial issues except to remind you that until you’ve been a slave, faced Jim Crowe laws, and needed a Constitutional Amendment to vote, your sole basis for assuming any type of commonality is “victimhood”, and as we saw when the Advocate announced that “Gay is the New Black”, that doesn’t sit too well with the descendants of slaves or grandkids of Japanese who were interned in concentration camps during WWII.

    Your “common causes” (victimhood) aren’t enough for me to identify with you as part of a community.

    I’m tired of this idea that because I’m “not heterosexual” that I therefore have anything beyond superficial identity politics in common with others who share the same trait. I do not, much the same way you cannot lump me in with all men, all professionals, all Italians, or all Christians.

    To be honest I think the trans need to find their own movement. Trans has nothing to do with orientation and frankly, they hold our movement back. Its time for our movement to go GLB and to let them take their attention elsewhere. I am disturbed that they are part of our movement. We talk until we are blue in the face about dropping conventional gender roles, just for them to turn around and switch genders because they were “born in the wrong body.” No, I am sorry, the community talks out of both sides of its mouth on this one!

    Further more, take a good hard look at what they teach. St Louis’s own “TransMafia” as it is known or “transhaven” as the trannies call it teaches that it is GOOD that they are classified as having a Psych illness. Many trans people want INSURANCE to cover this “disability”… it is also wrong to say that a child is Trans and that he/she should be placed on hormone therapy before puberty or the earlier the better.

    Now tell me, when the GLB community consists of many people who really DO have family values and who DO want FULL equality, why do we include a community that wants to ride on the backs of insurance companies and SSI as “disabled” and that wants to put children on hormone therapy? Why are we inclusive of a group that wants OUR equality but demands different treatment??

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